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Savor the variety of Willcox wines when you visit the tasting rooms and vineyards. A Willcox wine tour includes both sipping wine at conveniently located tasting rooms in historic downtown Willcox and relaxing with a glass of wine surrounded by picturesque vineyards and mountain views.


Take home your favorites, including hard-to-find boutique wines. See the list below for tasting rooms. See our Trip Planner page for maps and other useful information to help you have a great Willcox wine tasting tour!


Featured Vineyards & Tasting Rooms



Flying Leap Vineyards Wine Tasting Room

& Fine Art Gallery


Founded in 2010, Flying Leap Vineyards is among Arizona's most dynamic vineyard and winery companies. The company sells its handcrafted wines from its tasting rooms in Willcox, Bisbee, Tucson, Elgin, Tubac & Prescott Arizona. The Willcox, Tucson, Bisbee, Tubac & Prescott locations also feature beautiful fine art galleries featuring locally created, one-of-a-kind artworks curated by TRUST Art & Design.


Summer Hours (Willcox Location):

Saturday ONLY 12-6


100 N. Railroad Ave., Willcox, AZ

(520) 384-6030


Visit the Flying Leap Vineyards website:



Golden Rule Vineyards


Golden Rule Vineyards is part of a family farming operation cared for by Jim & Ruth Graham near the Dragoon Mountains outside of Willcox. Grapes grown include Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. The wine tasting room opened in November 2014, making it convenient to taste and purchase these excellent wines.


Hours: Thursday-Sunday 11-5 (Or By Appointment)

3525 N. Golden Rule Road, Cochise, AZ  (Take exit 318 from I-10)

(520) 507-3310


Visit the Golden Rule Vineyards website:



Laramita Cellars


A boutique winery nestled in the foothills of the Dos Cabezas Mountains and named after the first official port of entry from Mexico. The wines reflect a deep respect for Old World wine making traditions while incorporating the best modern wine making techniques. All of these carefully crafted wines are made from 100% Arizona grown grapes.


Open by Appointment Only

6223 E. Cattle Drive, Willcox, AZ

(480) 560-2605

Co-located with Chiricahua Ranch Vineyards


Visit the Laramita Cellars website:



Sándor Vineyards


A small vineyard and winery in the Chiricahua foothills, Sándor Vineyards offers on-site tasting of their wines at their vineyard near picturesque Turkey Creek.


13154 S. HWY 181 Pearce, Arizona 85625

(520) 742-6422


Visit the Sándor Vineyards website:



Sand-Reckoner Vineyards


Located on the Willcox Bench at 4,300 feet in elevation, Rob and Sarah Hammelman own and operate Sand-Reckoner Vineyards. This boutique winery has garnered national attention, with The San Francisco Chronicle naming their Malvasia Bianca as one of the Top 100 Wines of the Year for both 2013 & 2014.


SRV Tucson Tasting Room


Wednesday 1-8

Thursday 1-8

Friday 1-9

Saturday 11-9

Sunday 1-8


510 N 7TH AVE, #170, TUCSON, AZ 85705


SRV Willcox Winery - Open By Appointment Only

130 S. Haskell Avenue, Willcox, AZ

(303) 931-8472


Visit the Sand-Reckoner Vineyards Website:




Four Tails Vineyard


This family venture includes the beloved 4-legged family members for which the vineyard & winery are named. The picturesque location is at the base of the Dragoon Mountains near the historic ghost town of Pearce, AZ. Try the Big Paw Syrah and Pretty Girl Viognier along with other small-batch wines.


Open by Appointment Only

274 E. Pearce Road, Pearce, AZ

(623) 693-6547


Visit the Four Tails website:




Passion Cellars at Salvatore Vineyards


Passion Cellars has joined the thriving collective of winemakers making the most of southeastern Arizona’s ideal climate and soil composition. This tasting room is located on the way to the U-Pick orchards and farms near the town of Willcox. Also look for wines from their Salvatore Vineyards label here and in their Jerome & Scottsdale locations.


Open by Appointment Only

3052 N. Fort Grant Road, Willcox, AZ

(928) 649-9800


Visit the Passion Cellars website:




Pillsbury Wine Company's Vineyard Tasting Room


Owner/Winemaker Sam Pillsbury is one of the pioneers of the Willcox wine-growing region and has received international attention for his wines. Pillsbury Wine Company offers elegant, food-friendly wines in a relaxed and comfortable vineyard cottage tasting room.


Open Most Weekends

6450 S Bennett Place, Willcox, AZ

(310) 508-3348


Visit the Pillsbury Wine Co. website:



Kief-Joshua Vineyards


Already well established in the Sonoita area, Kief-Joshua has now opened a second tasting room on the Willcox Bench.


Open Friday-Sunday, 11am to 5pm

4923 E. Arzberger Road, Willcox, AZ

(520) 455-5582


Visit the Kief-Joshua website:



Carlson Creek Vineyard


This family owned and operated vineyard is dedicated to producing fine Arizona wines. The vineyard is at an ideal elevation for growing wine grapes and is located near the historic town of Willcox in southeastern Arizona. Their tasting room is located in the downtown area of Willcox, across from Railroad Park.


115 Railview Ave., Willcox, AZ

Phone: (520) 766-3000


Visit the Carlson Creek Vineyards Website:


Even More Vineyards!


Coronado Vineyards


Opened in 2006, this southeastern Arizona winery and on-site vineyard produces  wines in a range of styles -- whites and reds, sweet and dry. Coronado features a gift shop and a variety of snacks to go with your wine tasting.


2909 E Country Club Dr., Willcox, AZ

(520) 384-2993


Visit the Coronado Vineyards Website:



LDV Winery


This vineyard and winery is located in the picturesque foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains southeast of Willcox and is well-known for carefully crafted Rhone varietals such as Syrah, Viognier, and their stunning Petite Sirah.


Open By Appointment

13922 S. Kuykendall Cutoff Rd., Pearce, AZ

(602) 320-1485


Visit the Lawrence Dunham Vineyards website:



Aridus Wine Company


Aridus owns a state of the art custom crush facility in Willcox along with 40 acres in the Chiricahua Foothills that will produce grapes for their wines.


Two Willcox tasting room locations:

Aridus Tasting Room

145 N. Railview Ave., Willcox, AZ

Phone: (520) 766-9463


Aridus Portfolio Tasting Room & Crush Facility

Open by Appointment

1126 N. Haskell Ave., Willcox, AZ

Phone: (520) 766-2926


Visit the Aridus Wine Company website:



Bodega Pierce and Saeculum Cellars


4511 East Robbs Rd., Willcox, AZ

Phone: (602) 320-1722


Visit the Bodega Pierce and Saeculum Cellars website:



Zarpara Vineyard


6777 S. Zarpara Ln., Willcox, AZ

(520) 222-7114


Visit the Zarpara Vineyard Website:


Wineries and vineyards associated with the Willcox growing region

Aridus Wine Company

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Golden Rule Vineyards

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Dos Cabezas Wine Works - Featuring Cimarron

Visit the Dos Cabezas Wineworks Website:



Sand-Reckoner Vineyards

Visit the Sand-Reckoner Vineyards Website:



Caduceus / Merkin / Buhl Memorial Vineyard

Visit the Caduceus Vineyards Website:



Deep Sky Vineyard

Visit the Deep Sky Vineyard Website:


Chiricahua Ranch Vineyards

Visit the Chiricahua Ranch Vineyards Website:


Rhumb Line Vineyard

Visit the Rhumb Line Vineyard Facebook page:


Sandor Vineyard

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Kief-Joshua Vineyards

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Flying Leap Vineyards

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Carlson Creek Vineyards

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Four Tails Vineyards

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Rune Wines

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Pillsbury Wine Company

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Passion Cellars at Salvatore Vineyards

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Arizona Stronghold Vineyards

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Lawrence Dunham Vineyards

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Chateau Tumbleweed

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Sierra Bonita Vineyards

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Coronado Vineyards

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Gallifant Cellars

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Page Springs Cellars

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Burning Tree Cellars

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Grand Canyon Winery

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Bodega Pierce - Saeculum Cellars

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Zarpara Vineyard

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